I see books everywhere. Making books since 1983, teaching bookmaking, and writing about books have given me this sight. When I see something that opens -- a medicine cabinet, an orange -- immediately I think "book."

I've always had a push/pull relationship with my muses. Some days I see new images and other days I hear words. It has become easier to switch between them, but the division remains. Making books is the natural outgrowth of working back and forth this way, the bridge between writing and art, the synthesis of work I am compelled to do. The creative process is exciting: weaving webs to make the absurd plausible is the challenge. Dreams, poems, overheard conversations, memories--if it has a good story to it, I'll use it. Quiet moments, observation with an edge, and awkward relationships are some of my topics.

I like exploring materials as well, particularly paper, felt, sticks, glass, and fabric. I make prints. I make felt. I paint paper. Sometimes I make an edition. Sometimes a one-of-a-kind. I'll use whatever form, materials, and techniques to expand and deepen the narrative and to explore communication across and through language and culture.

My medium is book.


Gallery Representation: Seager Gray Gallery, Vamp & Tramp


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