Descriptions of FW Ink Colors

flame red is a bright true red

scarlet is a bright almost orangey red, but very close to flame red

red earth is red with brown



process magenta is hot dark pink



flame orange is a true orange



lemon yellow is a very bright yellow with just a touch of green in it

process yellow is a true bright yellow

Indian yellow is a darker yellow, with a touch of red in it--like a setting sun or egg yolk

yellow ochre and raw sienna are warm tans--very close to each other--yellow ochre slightly lighter and slightly more yellow



olive green and sap green are both green with a little black in them--olive is more muted, sap is a very tiny bit greener

emerald is a bright dark green

light green is a bright lighter green, pretty much emerald with yellow and white added, like lime green or the color of new leaves



Prussian blue is a deep dark blue with a little black and a little green

indigo is a deeper blue-black, somewhat cooler than Prussian blue

Rowney blue is a dark true royal blue

marine blue is a deep blue with a little green

process cyan is bright true swimming-pool blue

turquoise is bright blue, like pro cyan, but with a little yellow in it



purple lake



antelope brown is a neutral brown, perhaps coffee-colored

burnt umber is a bit warmer than antelope brown, with a little red, more like chocolate

sepia is a bit cooler, with black in it


Other colors (they are all opaque)



flesh is beige, the color of most kinds of bandaids



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