April 2017

Exhibition at San Francisco Center for the Book

BOOKS OF COURSE: From the teaching collections of Macy Chadwick, Julie Chen, Betsy Davids, Alisa Golden, Michael Henninger, Charles Hobson, Nance O'Banion, Karen Sjoholm, and Kathleen Walkup

April 5 – June 11, 2017

Reception: Wednesday, April 5, 6 – 8pm
See the event here. Catalogue available through SFCB.

Drawing from their collections, nine Bay Area teachers have chosen books, objects, and creative assignments from their libraries to share in one exhibition. Over fifty artists' works are represented, each with a unique vision, from a book with intentionally bad printing to highly crafted artists' books, including a wide range and variety of concepts, processes, and materials.

The teachers share some of the same methods, but their choices reflect their own personality and styles. Julie Chen and Betsy Davids, for example, look in depth at a body of work from just a few artists, while Michael Henninger displays books that are favored by his students. Kathy Walkup sets up a timeline, Alisa Golden presents books related to languages and cultures, and Macy Chadwick shows a range of books to aspire to. Karen Sjoholm, Nance O'Banion includes student work based on her creative assignments, and Charles Hobson bases his choices on categories of his teaching philosophy.

Each work deepens our insight into one of nine different teaching approaches and serves as a gem to contemplate, with the hope that you, too, will be inspired to make books, of course.

Chief wrangler (aka Curator): Alisa Golden

Book Art 2016

Alphabetical Lichencounters is a special alphabet book with lichen drawn in the counters of the wood type letters. Available for purchase on Etsy.

The Catch is a paper Jacob's ladder about perceptions. Available for purchase on Etsy.

What We Reuse is about friendships, lost, found, and recycled. Printed with reusable metal type with a handmade paper cover. Available for purchase on Etsy.

I Found Out is a miniature book in a printed paper box with overheard conversations and overlooked people and objects. Available for purchase on Etsy.

Mrs. White Has Tea is back! A playful story of colors, friendship, and tea, the new edition has ink and tea-dyed covers with a linoleum print of a teacup and multicolored metallic thread. Available for purchase on Etsy.

A Fight for Chocolate is both old and new for 2016. A political, fictitious story of chocolate with a new ending. Available for purchase on Etsy.

My neighborhood of a house-shaped quilt and six house-shaped boxes were on display in April and May, 2016 at the Albany Library, CA and at Seager Gray Gallery in Mill Valley, CA. Each box (there are nine, total) addresses a different sort of home, habitat, housing, or relationship concern of plants, animals, and/or people and each opens to reveal text and objects. Details about each box and the quilt are here.

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Literary Publications

See what blocked the lanes on the freeways in the SF East Bay for a few years and read a short memoir in Diagram: Issue 14.6, published Dec. 31, 2014; The combined scrolling list/story is called "Traffic Matter."

Read more stories and poems by Alisa Golden in these literary publications.

Star 82 Review: Magazine Designed, Edited, Published by Alisa Golden

Winter 4.4 is now available! Hearts beating and breaths held. We are a group, but we often feel alone, desire company, but also need the pause to check the pulse: the solitary time away.

We are fortunate to feature one of the last linoleum cut prints from longtime professor at California College of the Arts, Ken Rignall, and feature William Mark Sommer's contemplative photographs of a solitary soul in an urban environment, among other heartfelt art and writing.

4.4 online is here.
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Blog & Instructional Book

I supplement the structures book with thoughts on the creative process, creative writing, reading, exploratory essays on writer/artists and exhibitions, and I include a craft project here and there. See makinghandmadebooks.blogspot.com.

Making Handmade Books: 100 Bindings, Structures and Forms is my fifth instructional book, a compilation and revision of the first three books plus new material, 16 or so new structures, and 41 statements from professional artists who make books and/or teach bookmaking.


You may purchase books directly from the press via cash, money order, or check. Select books and art are available via credit card at my Etsy store: nevermindtheart.

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Open: Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-6pm; Sunday, 12-5pm

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Previous Exhibitions

ArtRead: Bookworks from CCA Students and Faculty
Curated by Betsy Davids, Alisa Golden, and Nance O'Banion
Photos of the books here.
Catalogue and preview of catalogue available here.

Wings for Words: New Bookworks from Korea and Japan
Curated by Alisa Golden
Photos of the exhibit here.

PrintWorks: CCA Faculty and Alumni
Curated by Alisa Golden and Nance O'Banion
Photos of the exhibit here.
Catalogue may be purchased from CreateSpace or from Amazon here: PrintWorks: CCA Faculty and Alumni.


Snapshots of Book Art in Asia
In Summer 2007, my interviews and article for the Pacific Center for the Book Arts journal The Ampersand was published. Tsang Kinwah and Heejung Kim have posted the article on their websites. Sangmi Chun has posted excerpts on her blog. I'm happy to report that I've now got it online with active links so you can see all the artists and artwork easily.

The following people graciously gave their time: Xu Bing, Michael Cherney, Elsie Sampson, Tsang Kinwah, Kahoru Otani, Veronika Schäpers, Seiko Tachibana, Peng-Peng Wang, Shu-Ju Wang, Narae Kim, Sangmi Chun, and Heejung Kim. Thanks to everyone who had input. Hard copies of the magazine are available through PCBA. The article became a prelude for the Wings for Words exhibit at the San Francisco Center for the Book in 2009.

Here is an article "The Background's The Thing" that I wrote in September 2008 for the Pacific Center for the Book Arts Journal The Ampersand, comparing book art to science fiction short-short stories from the 1960s.

My friend and colleague, Lisa Kokin had an exhibition at the Donna Seager Gallery called Panacea Plus. I was honored to be asked to write the essay for her catalogue. The full-color catalogue is available (with the introductory essay) from lulu here. You can see a video of her discussing and showing her work here.

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