Pharaoh's Daughter

2006. 6" pyramid box with book attached inside. Edition of 7.

Eight pages. This is a brief story of Pharaoh's daughter, who is unnamed in the Bible, but was later given the name "Batya" by the rabbis, meaning "daughter of the Creator" in response to her compassionate and merciful qualities. This limited edition of seven was produced in honor of my mother's birthday. It includes handset metal and wood type printed on pearlescent orange and pink painted paper. Illustrations are printed from linoleum cuts and based on Egyptian hieroglyphics. Book cloth covers the outside of the pyramid and a painted pyramidal slipcase becomes the closure. The structure of the attached book is a type of accordion sometimes referred to as a "boustrophedon," a "maze" or "ox-plow" because the pages go first one way, then another. Since Egyptian hieroglyphics were read right to left, left to right, top to bottom, and bottom to top, the structure appropriately mirrors the contents.


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