Textile Art

Since 2017, my primary focus has been printing on cloth and working with textiles, a process very similar to bookmaking. See my art quilts here.

Book Art

The books are letterpress printed from metal type, wood type, and linoleum blocks. Other techniques are incorporated, such as painted papers, collage and photocopies. The text and images are by Alisa Golden with the exception of Once Said a Stoic: Epictetus and Tidal Poems (a collaboration with Anne Hayden Stevens), and Flashing Lights (images by Cianna Valley). Over ninety editions have been made between 1983 - 2010: only a few are listed here. See orders if you would like to purchase a book or see a complete list of books in alphabetical order or in a complete list by year or books by price. You may also view books in the special collections departments of these libraries.
Unique books from 2007
Fabrications: Books and Story-Related Objects, 2010
Mixed-Media Books, 2011
Curiosity Boxes, 2012
HOUSEWORK: House-shaped boxes with books and objects, 2016

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