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News from the press, updated monthly. Descriptions of new book art, listings of exhibitions, publications, and other book-related information.


Detailed descriptions of books listed by year. Current years are listed first. Eventually, all years since 1983 will be available for your perusal. Find books from the press collected at a library near you.


Check out various classes given by wonderful teachers around the San Francisco Bay Area. Or, never mind where you live, take a look at these instructional books: Creating Handmade Books, Unique Handmade Books, Expressive Handmade Books , Painted Paper or Making Handmade Books by Alisa Golden.


Making Handmade Books is also the name of my blog. In it I explore the crossroads of art, craft, reading, and creative writing, and I cover new material, particularly about the creative process, as a supplement to the book. Small essays, musings, projects, stories, and links posted several times a month. A form and forum for discussion! Leave your comments there.

About the Press

What is never mind the press and how are all those books made, anyway? See the frequently asked questions or Alisa's artist statement. Never mind the press also publishes the art and literary magazine Star 82 Review.

See Alisa's Art Quilts: Open Books and poetry, short stories, and art published in literary magazines.


Many people ask if never mind the press does job printing or bookbinding for others (no). Here are some listings of letterpress printing and bookbinding services that might be able to help you with your personalized project. Other resources are listed here as well.


Order book art, ask questions.


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