Beyond scrapbooks and photo albums there is a world of art that exists in book form. From one simple folded sheet to painted, layered pages, Unique Handmade Books introduces you to exciting book art possibilites. Learn how to design book art, add content, incorporate recycled materials, and collaborate with other people to make a playful and meaningful book. Create unusual, expressive artwork and gifts by following step-by-step instructions and diagrams for more than forty projects. Included are photographs of works by fourteen book artists; read about the people behind the art and the process each went through to create the books.

Each project features a different book structure and suggests materials for creating a unique book. In addition to paper you will use cloth, canvas, wood, wire or netting. By sampling various art supplies you'll find materials that you like. The shape of the book may suggest the contents, the pacing may enhance a theme. Use your materials to strengthen your concept. Play with the materials and have fun. Improvise and customize your project for a specific person or event.

Whether you are making a book with only a few words, or binding a novel, you need to choose a book structure to hold it all together. Discover which book structure will suit your particular project, then make it.

Photographs and statements from the following artists are included: Julie Chen, Sas Colby, Betsy Davids, Marie C. Dern, Alisa Golden, Alastair Johnston, Lisa Kokin, Catherine Michaelis, Katherine Ng, Coriander Reisbord, Anne Hicks Siberell, Robbin Ami Silverberg, Val Simonetti, Anne Hayden Stevens (née Schwartzburg).

160 pages.

This book is out of print from Sterling.

This book may still be found at your local library, used book stores, or through alibris.

"Good looking book that includes some respected artists as contributors/collaborators. Thoroughly enjoyable...inspiring examples. A good balance between methods and ideas-it would take years to explore all the options."
--Textile Fiber Forum

"Those new to the art of bookmaking as well as veterans will find much on these pages to inspire."
--Somerset Studio

A few mistakes were made in this book. If you already own a copy and have questions, please see errata.

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