Start with a piece of paper and a scissors and you have the tools to make a book. Creating Handmade Books begins with simple techniques and gradually introduces more complex structures. Careful instructions and diagrams will guide you. Basic and advanced terms and techniques are explained. Colorful photographs throughout. This book is a direct offshoot of the handouts I compiled for my beginning students.



Cut & Folded Books:
Hidden Book, Simple Accordion, Simple Accordion with Tunnel, Twist Card, House Card, Palm Leaf Book, Veneitan Blind Book, Simple Pop-Up Card, Fan Book, Slot & Tab Book

Simple Sewn Structures:
Ledger, a Hanging Book, Stick Binding, Side-Bound Book, Single Signature Binding, Two-Sewn-As-One, Tea Bag Book

Simple Adhesive Structures:
Perfect Binding, Flower Fold, Album/Flutterbook, Concertina with Tabs, Endless Accordion, Circle Accordion, Hand Scroll, Hanging Scroll

Intermediate Compound Structures:
Side Binding with Glued Cover, Accordion with Signatures, Pocket Book, Flag Book, Piano Hinge with Skewers

Multiple Signature or Thick Sewn Books:
Western Multiple Signature, Multiple Signature onto a Ribbon, Exposed Stitch, Chain Stitch

Jacob's Ladders:
Two-Panel with (or without) Cards, Six-Panel Book with Boards and Ribbons

Soft & Hard Covers:
Soft Wrap Cover, Open Spine Soft Cover, Open Spine with Ribbon, Wrapped Hard Cover, Covering Separate Boards, Split Board, Hard Cover: Side Bound, Hard Cover: Single Signature, Hard Cover: Multiple Signature, Hard Cover: With Ribbon, Hard Cover: Accordion/Signature Combination or Hinged Cover, Hard Cover: Ribbons at Spine

Portfolios & Boxes:
Folded Envelope, Pocket Folder, Paper Portfolio, Hardcover Boxes and Portfolios, Painted Slipcase, Covered Slipcase, Hardcover Portfolio with Ribbon Tie, Hardcover Portfolio with Envelope Pocket, Postcard Portfolio, Two-Piece Box, Clamshell or Presentation Box

Easy Ways of Decorating Paper:
Small Collage for Cover, Stenciling, Carving Rubber Stamps, Painting with Acrylics

Portable Books:
Thoughts on Content, Travel Journal, Starting to Write, Generating Words, Suggested Materials for a Portable Bookbinding Kit, Suggested Structures for In-Transit Construction, Ways of Attaching Collected Ephemera, Printing Text, Editioning, About Colophons, General Note

For information about purchasing this title, please go to this link: Creating Handmade Books

This book may be out of print, but available through used book sellers. Most of the information has been incorporated into Making Handmade Books (Lark Crafts, 2011)


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