hardcover from Sterling Publishing (2008) reissued as a paperback from Lark Books (2009)


Painted Paper
Techniques and Projects for Handmade Books and Cards

Create and design your own decorative paper to achieve personal and exciting effects. By using a variety of acrylic inks and paints your papers will reflect your interests and mark your individuality. Techniques for multi-layering, using iridescent inks, gesso, and modeling pastes are covered, as well as stenciling, paste papers, collage, and masking. Finally, a selection of book structures, cards, and boxes shows you how to transform your papers into three-dimensional works of art to frame your own images, photographs, or stories. Discussions of brushes, papers, and a color chart with suggestions are included along with colorful, detailed photographs and step-by-step instructions.

This is the only instructional book available that looks at layering permanent acrylic inks in depth, particularly for bookmaking!

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Descriptions of FW Ink Colors



1. Papers, Colors, and Tools

Papers and Boards
Drying Wet Paper

Inks, Paints, and Other Media
Pigments and Dyes
Acrylic Inks
Choosing Colors
Acrylic Paints
Watercolor Crayons
Wheat Paste and Methylcellulose
Texture Paste

Brush care

Other Marking Tools
Painting Supplies

2. Acrylic Inks

Recipes for Acrylic Paint Glaze
Creating "old" pages
Washes and Watercolor Crayons
Markmaking Experiment
Dropper and Dry-Brush Outlines
Multicolored Droppers and Dry-Brush Effects
Brush-handle Painting
Wood Grain
Layered Freehand Forms
Word as Image

3. Gesso and Stencils

Gesso Resist
Gesso and Sgraffito
Basic Stenciling
Stencil-Making Supplies
Handmade Stencils
Multiple Stencils: Pochoir

4. Masking

Artist's Tape
Masking Film
Liquid Mask
Masked Borders

5. Paints and Paste

Paste Recipes
Paste Paper
Paste Paper Frottage
Surface Finishes for Painted Paper: Sanded, Waxed, Varnish, Gel Medium

6. Books and Projects

Diagram key
Bookmaking Tools
Origami Envelope
Circle Accordion Book
Album Accordion Book
Shikishi and Holder
Venetian Blind Book
Woven Accordion Book
Paper Slipcase
Two-As-One Book
Decorative Box

7. Explorations

Glossary, About the Author, Index


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