Making Handmade Books: 100+ Bindings, Structures & Forms. 256 pages. Softcover. From Lark Crafts. Detailed instructions for more than 100 bindings, structures and forms. Including short statements about craft, reading, art, writing, and concepts by 42 artists and educators. Photographs throughout. Material not included in other books or substantially revised material is highlighted.

From the Sterling website: "Golden updates and combines her two earlier books in this introduction to the fascinating world of artist's. The combination of bookmaking history and lore, inspiring examples, and useful instruction will pique the interest of crafters." - Library Journal (named one of the Best Books in Crafts 2011)

Check out the new blog, which includes supplementary material, here. If you already have the book and have questions about the instructions, please check and/or ask in the comment section of this post. Corrections are also posted in the comment section and on the new Errata page. Please report any errors on the blog so they can be corrected in future editions of the book! Thanks!


Chapter 1: Materials and Methods

Tool Box
Tearing & Cutting Paper
Folding & Scoring Paper
Paper Selection
Handling Content
Basic Terms
Traditional Order
About the Diagrams

Chapter 2: Folded Books

X Book
X Book with Pockets
Shorts Book / Ox-Plow Pamphlet
Pants Book Simple Accordion
Pants Book Simple Accordion with Tunnel
Snake Book
Storybook Theatre
Twist Card
Brush Book
Venetian Blind Book
T-Cut Book
House Card
Little Room Book
Guest Book
Crown Binding
Slot & Tab Book
Pocket Triangle & Diamond Book
Piano Hinge with Skewers

Chapter 3: Simply Glued

Perfect Binding
Album Accordion & Flutterbook
Alphabet Star Book
Concertina with Tabs
Miniature Tied Binding
Sewn & Tied Binding
Flower Fold
Accordion Book with Flower Fold Pages
Winged Book
Flag Book
Pocket Frame Book
Flag Book with Envelope Pages
Flag Book with Folded Pages
Flag Book with Fortunes
Tunnel Book
Endless Accordion
Tunnel Book with Continuous Sides
Miniature Tied Stick Binding

Chapter 4: Simply Sewn

Palm Leaf Book
Fan Book
Stick Binding
Sidebound Book
Hard Cover for Side Binding
Single Signature Binding
Paper Bag Book
Tea Bag Book

Chapter 5: Scrolls & Accordions

Hand Scroll
Hanging Scroll
Double Scroll
Accordion-Fold Book
Miniature Tabbed Accordion
Layered Accordion Book
Accordion with Pockets
Accordion with Signatures
Back-to-Back Accordion Book
Back-to-Back Accordion Book with Tunnel
Circle Accordion

Chapter 6: Movable Books

Simple Pop-Up Card
Square Flexagon
Woven Accordion
Magic Wallet
Three-Panel Jacob's Ladder Book
Jacob's Ladder

Chapter 7: The Codex

Western Multiple Signature
Crossed-Structure Binding
French Link Stitch
Multiple Signatures onto a Ribbon
Multiple Signatures with Rounded Spine
Secret Belgian Binding

Chapter 8: Codex Variations

Woven Codex
Exposed Stitch Book
Exposed Stitch Book with Beads
Bundled Stitch Book
Buttonhole Stitch Book
Coptic Stitch / Curved Needle
Coptic with Accordion
Coptic with Paired Needles
Coptic with Fold-Out Pages
Altered Books & Hidden Objects

Chapter 9: Envelopes & Portfolios

Origami Pocket Envelope
Folded Envelope
Box of Circles
Window Envelope
Matchbook-Style Box
Paper Slipcase
Origami Wallet
Pocket Folder
Paper Portfolio
Stock Book
Stamp Wallet

Chapter 10: Cover Techniques

Soft Wrap Cover
Open Spine Soft Cover
Open Spine with Ribbon
Wrapped Hard Cover
Covering Separate Boards
Split Board
Hard Cover: Single Signature
Case Binding: Flat Spine
Hard Cover with Ribbon
Attaching the Book Block
Covering a Mistake
Distressed Book Covers
Recesses & Insetting a Title

Chapter 11: Boxes & Slipcases

Folded Slipcase
Covered Slipcase
Hardcover Portfolio with Ribbon Tie
Two-Piece Box or Candy Box
Partitions & Raised Trays
Theater Box
Clamshell Box

Chapter 12: Ideas & Concepts

Physical Layers
Conceptual Layers
Collaborations, Complilations & Exchanges
Wrapping It Up

Artists' Bios

Alice Austin, Carol Barton, Carol J. Blinn, Carolee Campbell, Julie Chen, Sas Colby, Betsy Davids, Cathy DeForest, Marie C. Dern, Johanna Drucker, Karla Elling, cj grossman, Michael Henninger, Charles Hobson, Terry Horrigan, Ed Hutchins, Paul Johnson, Alastair Johnston, Susan King, Lisa Kokin, Emily Martin, Dan Mayer, Catherine Alice Michaelis, Scott McCarney, Katherine Ng, Penny Nii, Bonnie Thompson Norman, Nance O'Banion, Linda Race, Harry Reese, Coriander Reisbord, John Risseeuw, Anne Hicks Siberell, Karen Sjoholm, Robbin Ami Silverberg, Val Simonetti, Keith Smith, Anne Hayden Stevens, Peter and Donna Thomas, Andie Thrams, Shu-Ju Wang, Dorothy A. Yule, Philip Zimmermann

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