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STORIES & POEMS (and Art, oh my)

An ongoing list of publications containing stories, essays, art, and poems by Alisa Golden.


Upcoming: Chiron Review: Winter 2018; "Acceptance"

Litro Magazine: March 24, 2018; "Between Stops"

Eunoia Review: December 29, 2017; "Everything Is Temporary"

Blink-Ink: December 2017 Issue #30, Diner; photo: "Doggie Diner Heads" (photo)

Unbroken Journal: October 1, 2017 Issue #15, Halloween; "The Demon Tree"

Nanoism: #763; September 27, 2017; "You give me"

Blink-Ink: September 2017 Issue #29, Outlaws; "Right of Way"; a new 50-word variation on the story in my book art Fair Entry

Upcoming?: Nomadic Press Journal: Wonder: 2017?; "Houses Imagined"

Every Day Fiction: August 17, 2017; " Kumi's Light"

Blink-Ink: Winter 2016 Issue #26, Space; "GPS"

Split Rock Review: Fall 2016 Issue #7; "They Must Agree" (also a version of this prose poem in my book art in the Housework series and in Alphabetical Lichencounters)

Blink-Ink: Fall 2016 Issue #25, Crossroads; "The Counselor Asks"

Gone Lawn: August 2016, Issue 22; "The Shelter of Bees"

Concīs: July 9, Summer 2016; "sit later" (an erasure)

Nanoism: #690; April 7, 2016; "Once again"

Eastern Iowa Review: Issue #2, essay & interview online April 1, 2016; "Switchbacks" (honorable mention for lyrical essay)

Dead Housekeeping: March 9, 2016; "Pennies and Velvet"

Cobalt Review: online Issue #16, January 26, 2016 and August print issue Cobalt Vol. 4; "[Bird] Clock"

Up the Staircase Quarterly: Issue #31, November 2015; eight books/boxworks

Rattle: Ekphrastic Challenge, July 17, 2015; Golden's Boston photograph chosen as subject for poetry submissions for month of June

Venus Febriculosa Blog: 6/4/15; Humument Contest; "Clownfish"

TheThe Poetry Blog: 6/5/15; Poems of the Week; "Better Than Television" "Will's White Hen"

Miracle Monocle: Issue 7, Spring 2015; "Still Life with Game Bird and Dice (Oil)"

The Poetry Box: Poeming Pigeons Anthology: April 2015; "Bird Man Does Not Work for Free"

Nanoism: #632; Feb. 11, 2015; "He was captured"

Emerge Literary Journal: Issue #9, Dec. 2014; "Love and Squashes"

Paper Nautilus: Dec. 2014; 3 tiny poems: "Tea is served" "The poppies lean" and "Subway Riders"

Diagram: Issue 14.6, Dec. 31, 2014; "Traffic Matter"

Matter Press Journal of Compressed Creative Arts: 26 weeks, Dec. 3, 2014 - May 27, 2015; the (de)fine (poe)try project, from act to zephyr

Up the Staircase Quarterly: Issue #27, November 2014; "Woodshop Encounter" (poem nom. for Pushcart Prize)

Stone Highway Review: Issue 3.3, July 2014: pp.38-40; "Revolver Is" archived here in this issue at archive.org

Gravel: March 2014; "The Favor"

Safety Pin Review: Issue 50, September 30, 2013; "The Way We Count to Infinity"

Outside In Literary & Travel Magazine; Issue 14, June 2013; "The Pointing Finger"

Boston Literary Magazine; Summer 2013; "Alternatives"

Michael Chaney's review of "Alternatives"; September 6, 2013; (scroll to #10)

Off the Coast: Spring 2013; "Temporary Treasure"

Poetry Pacific; 2.1; Spring 2013; "Not Falling/Not Moving" (also a handmade book from 2002)

Basalt Magazine; Issue 8.1, 2013; "Traces"

NANO Fiction; Issue 6.2, April 2013; "The Art of Flash Fiction and Handmade Books"

Fiction365; 10/22/12; also performed as part of Action Fiction! Number four; "We'll Always Have Parrots"

Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine; Issue 5.2, October 2012; "Lucky" and "She Is the Keeper" (also a handmade book from 2003)

100 Word Story; June 2012; "Dog Bite"

The Monthly; Vol. 42, No. 3, December 2011; "Tati's Necklace"

Kaleidotrope; #13 (the last print issue), Fall 2011; "Sleeping Book" (also a unique felted book from 2008)

Generations Literary Journal; Issue Two, Spring 2011; "Compassion" (also a fabrication called Jury Box from 2010)

Transfer Magazine; 100th Issue, Fall 2010; "Carne: Making Meatloaf When I Was a Virgin and Before I Was a Vegetarian"



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