Flashing Lights

2010. 7" x 7". Edition of 36.

A cross flexagon book in a folded red paper sleeve. Text by Alisa Golden. Drawings by Cianna Valley. A surreal and rhythmic view of getting pulled over. Letterpress printed from handset Univers type and photopolymer plates onto Lenox 100 paper. Paper sleeve has window cut-out, Mylar "windshield" sandwiched between the layers, and printed white rule on the front, letterpress print from Cianna's drawing of a limosine on the back. Pull at the four rotating faces to tell the story: stay on course to get back to the beginning.


"Pull over when the lights flash in your mirror. Don't pull a fast one. Don't pull a U-turn. Don't hold my hand."

How to read this flexagon: Notice that there is always a cut in the center, either vertical or horizontal. Pull open from the center to the outside for the book to flex along the score lines. If you are holding the book in your hand, pull up with your thumbs and push back with your fingers. Flatten. Read. Repeat. Repeat forever. It's a circle. Like life. After you have finished, slide flexagon into its red sleeve and take a nap.

Buy it now from Donna Seager Gallery.

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