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Unique Books 2008
Unique books for 2008 are featured here. It became Year of the Felt! Please inquire for price. Other limited edition books from 2008 may be seen here.

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Catch Me

A heavy white box lined with mesh-covered mirrors opens to reveal an ultralight, translucent box, which opens to reveal painted paper butterflies with letterpress printed text. Through the reading of the butterflies you find a dream, fragmented. Or is it waking life?

6 3/4" x 4 1/2" x 2 1/2" outer box
Edition of three.

Silver Every Day

A shiny silver box with a book for a cover reveals a letterpress printed and collaged poem, stitching, and silver-coated everyday objects: an acorn, a camphor twig, a stencil.

Twenty-fifth anniversary book for never mind the press.

4 1/2" x 6 1/4" x 2 1/2" outer box



See an editioned variation of this book here.


Anchovies and Gossip

How did a little tiny anchovy tin become the inspiration for this book/box collection? never mind.

Open the painted paper and bookcloth covered lid and find that same small tin holding felted anchovies and a little accordion-fold book about gossip.

Lift the mesh the tin is sewn to and discover a long, thin hardcover book underneath. As you turn the pages you will find the variety of stenciled characters shifting positions: talking? thinking? interacting? In the center is another poem, this one about power.

Typewritten texts and stenciled titles.

With handmade paper with wool threads interleaving the painted paper pages.

At the bottom are cutouts of the characters to stage your own story.

12" x 5" x 2"

















Wouldn't SiLent

Open this clamshell box to reveal felted leaves and an accordion fold book with letterpress text. We need an interpreter to understand each other--or does writing on our hands serve the same purpose?

Are we invisible if we don't speak? Do our bodies communicate anyway? And what is our connection to plants?

Each leaf was felted with yarn inside. The four pages are tied together, forming a leaf book. Sewn veins and outlines of figures appear on each leaf.


4" x 7 3/8" x 2"



Layers of sound surround me, music plays inside my head; I am wrapt in a quest, looking for quiet. Do I find silence or something else entirely?

Under the three wrappings of silk tissue with letterpress printed texts you find a felted book with no words. Ghostlike images of people are revealed and outlined with black stitched lines.The book was joined at the time of its felting; the pages connected while they were wool.

The box is wrapt in yellow bookcloth and painted paper.


6" x 8" x 2 1/4"

Sleeping Book

How can you interact with people you love when you disagree with them on so many things? A young woman, living alone, sorts it out via stories on the street, writing, a dream, and her own life. The title is taken from the concept that, in Japanese, unbound books are referred to as "sleeping books."

A little silk-lined pillowcase made of fine wool gabardine contains this soft book made from felted wool. The pages have sewing-machine stitched images and letterpress-printed Caslon Oldstyle text on unbleached muslin.


5 1/4" x 5" x 2 1/2" book
10" x 9" pillowcase-style bag


Walking Sticks

once our hands are free
we begin collecting
then our collection
becomes a support for us--
from clutching small bundles
to grasping the handle--
as we walk on.

The text is letterpress printed from handset Caslon Oldstyle type on glassine paper, which is sewn to synthetic sinew and tied to camphor twigs. The sinew, in turn, is sewn to pages made of felted wool with sewing-machined drawings.

Each stick has a copper or aluminum letter tied to it, spelling out the title. The artist's initials are carved into one stick.


5" x 5" x 3"

(For this book: click on a thumbnail photo to see a larger image)

Please contact Alisa or the Seager Gray Gallery for more information.


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