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Unique Books 2009
Unique books for 2009 are featured here. Felted books with additional components and boxes are featured. The Mini Fiction or Palm-of-the-Hand Series begins at the bottom of the page. Please inquire for price. Editioned books from 2009 are here.

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Beautiful Tattoos

Begun in 2008, This soft, thick, welt-felted and needlefelted book features one haiku and four images. Read the text and see the pages here.

10" x 4" x 1"



Word Waves and Wordless Tides

How do conversations begin and continue, awkward or assured? The text speaks to a dialogue between two people. A seed-glass topped box opens to reveal a bookcloth & mulberry paper quilted scroll, a felted and machine-sewn side-tied book, and a shell bracelet with a title tag. Scroll is printed from a linoleum block and metal handset type.


8" x 4 1/4" x 2 3/4" outer box
6" x 2" felted book.
33" long scroll.





When He Was Blind

This book began when I desired to sew beads to muslin for no reason. The raised beads led to research into Braille and the Blind.

The cover of the box is approximately the size of a normal Braille book, which is generally printed in several volumes. The beads and muslin become touchcards (I'm using this word instead of flashcards) for the Braille alphabet and for the contractions (full words in one "letter") that were developed in America years later. Another set of muslin cards hold words to a hidden story.

The cover of the box has raised dots that make up the words "When He Was Blind."

The main book, bound in Davey board and bookcloth, holds haiku in sections that are separated by thick added pieces of pages, and printed blind (with no ink).

The appendix is a found Seventeen magazine, chopped in half, rebound, and altered, with original text added, and several words in Braille on each page circled and annotated.

This book is meant to appeal to both visual and tactile senses.

11 1/2" x 11" x 4 3/8" box
10 1/4" x 5" books
2 1/2" x 4" touchcards
















Spotted One Day

Felted ladybugs cluster at the bottom of the box. Some have magnets inside, some don't. The images came before the words. The editioned version came before the one-of-a-kind was finished and is completely different. It took a year to finally write the text, but I had always known what it would be about. The glassine pages hold a short scene that juxtaposes children growing up with the releasing of ladybugs in the spring.

Letterpress printed from a linoleum block of carved leaves and from handset metal Caslon Oldstyle type. The box is made from Davey board wrapped with bookcloth and paper painted with acrylic inks. Felted wrapper.

7 1/8" x 9 3/4" x 2 1/4" box
5 3/4" x 8 1/2" book


Smiled Politely and Left

Don't feel quite polite enough? Grit your teeth and smile! Wet-felted pages with machine-sewn drawings of faces on the pages. Title strip with aluminum and copper letters attached to more felt. A sharp doll needle with a felted handle stabs it closed. (2008)

5" x 4 1/2"

4" needle


Could this be the world's first felted mezuzah? Maybe not. Wet-felted background in purples, needlefelted prayer (Sh'ma) in Hebrew. Housed in a handmade box with the Hebrew letter Shin raised on the top, covered in acrylic-ink painted paper. Yad (pointed hand) made of polymer clay and stamped with an inscription.


The Rules Would Be Different

The first in a Mini Fiction or Palm-of-the-Hand Series: flash fiction (approximately 500 words) in a miniature book format (under 3"). A young woman, a cigar box, memories, and the future. Any more than that gives the story away.

1 3/4"square book

2" square clear box with lid (3/4" depth)

Edition of 6 handwritten copies. Only 3 for sale.

Please contact Alisa or the Seager Gray Gallery for more information.


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