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Mrs. White Has Tea

Mrs. White Has Tea

I wrote Mrs. White Has Tea when my daughter was two, and she begged me to read it many times a day. It is a little story of friendship and colors and tea, and the gentle humor is suitable and enjoyable for all ages.

Initially photocopied from drawings and set digitally in Bookman type with letterpress printed cover and tag, it was printed and reprinted, selling out several years ago at 150 copies.

This brand new edition of 50 revisits the same drawings and text and adds a unique ink and tea-dyed Stonehenge 100% cotton cover to each copy with pages the color of milky tea. Plus, it features a linoleum print of a cup of steaming tea and a title/author tag, both printed via letterpress.

The body of the book measures 3" x 3 1/2". It is hand bound with a pamphlet stitch (and tiny staple on the tag) with multicolored metallic embroidery thread. Signed and numbered.



Available for purchase on Etsy.

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