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What We Reuse

What We Reuse

Friends are lost and found. Friends are shared, friendships are broken and remade, recycled.

The interior is letterpress printed in warm grey from handset reusable metal Univers and Jefferson Gothic type on acid-free vellum bristol paper. The cover features a linoleum cut printed on handmade paper from either recycled and salvaged materials by Jillian Bruschera or paper with silver gum wrapper and iridescent confetti by Beth Herrick.

The structure is a hybrid of a Shorts book and Two-Sewn-As-One, with the centerfold becoming a pocket in which a unique collage from saved ephemera may be found. Each book is different.

3 3/4" x 5 1/2". There are 27 copies in this varied edition.



Available for purchase on Etsy.

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