Steaming on the Stovetop: poems from the pantry

2003. 6" x 8" book. Edition of 42.

Twelve pages.

A range of poems, humorous, sad, and thoughtful that revolve around the kitchen.

Title is letterpress printed and inset into the hard cover. Brick red, Japanese bookcloth flecked with nubby strands of tan is used to cover museum boards which house a slim single signature. Inside, thin tan Japanese paper alternates with a thicker white Kochi paper. Glassine is folded over the fore edges of the tan paper and machine sewed, providing extra thickness at the fore edge and a torn profile on the page. Text is letterpress printed from handset Univers 55 type straddling the glassine. When you lift the glassine you notice a steamy, ragged edge in the middle of the printed text. Linoleum cuts of pots and pans and collagraphs are printed on the Kochi in four colors.


"twig-beaked rustling bird / you cannot build / your nest in my kitchen"

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